Scicake connects academic research with industry skill to help innovative companies improve our lives with intelligent products and services

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Our Story

At Scicake, we recognize that humanity faces a variety of emerging challenges such as the aging population, poverty, and shortage of supplies due to environmental crisis, discrimination, inequality, etc. As bad as it seems, we can also see an incredible rise of modern technologies and especially day-by-day progress in artificial intelligence bringing countless opportunities for making our lives and the lives of future generations better and more sustainable.

We also firmly believe that the biggest leaps in technological advancements can only be made when we bridge the business world with scientific research and combine cutting-edge technologies with our own curiosity, and creativity. This is why we are here. To bring scientific knowledge into the market, and to launch intelligent products and services. We all dream about the same future where modern technologies make our lives happier and healthier.

So, let’s become the future together.

Our Journey


Cooperation with hospitals & CEITEC
We started a long-lasting cooperation with the applied neuroscience group at the Central European Institute of Technology in Brno, the St. Anne’s Hospital, and the University Hospital in Brno on various biomedical and telehealth topics.


Foundation of Brain Diseases Analysis Laboratory
We founded a research team at the Brno University of Technology focusing on fundamental and applied research in the field of objective, computerized, and AI-driven diagnosis, assessment, monitoring, and treatment of neurological disorders.


Foundation of Scicake
After more than eight years of research and development experience, we founded a privately held company to bring our scientific knowledge to the market and to launch intelligent products and services with creative and responsible AI.


Telemedicine product
We envision turning our years of experience in digital signal processing, machine learning, and speech disorders into a remote data-driven diagnostic and treatment application that will help people around the world to speak well again.

We have the Right Recipe

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