Scicake connects academic research with industry skill to help innovative companies improve our lives with intelligent products and services

Baking data Science Projects

We empower your business with creative and responsible artificial intelligence

end-to-end data science expertise

We bridge business with science

Improve your products and services with proven research techniques.

We build custom
data-driven solutions

Get custom end-to-end artificial intelligence deep into your business.

We launch intelligent
products and services

Integrate innovative data science tools into your products and services.

Complete R&D Portfolio


We will help you to recognize and understand the benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to your business.


We will bridge your business with scientific research to make digital transformation seamless and successful.


We will design, develop and deploy custom end-to-end cutting-edge data-driven solutions for your business.

Step-by-step cooperation

First contact

Let’s connect
Do you have a need for data-driven innovation? Have you found our services useful? Great! Trigger the first contact and we can schedule the Strategy day where we will meet with you and do an intensive session defining the problem statement and the possibilities based on your business domain, goals, and data.

Strategy day

Describe the issues properly
We will help you to recognize and understand the benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to your business. As an outcome, your idea will be precisely evaluated and the general goals will be placed. This will lay foundations for a feasibility study of your problem statement.

Feasibility study

Do not waste your time
We will prepare an elaborate feasibility study of the stated problem where we consider its critical aspects resulting in a probability of success providing us with solid ground for the successful development of a proof of concept. We will also agree on the measurement and criteria of success.

Proof of concept

Make sure before investing
We will create a proof of concept of the desired solution, validate the design, and processes, and evaluate the preliminary results. This way we will address the weaknesses and points of failure and take actions to ensure the successful and timely delivery of a minimal viable product.

Minimal viable product

A wise way to success
We will develop a minimal viable product providing you with a faster and smarter entry to the market to save you time, energy, and costs. And as the first feedback and benefits will be obtained, the development of the end-to-end solution will already be ongoing.


… but not the end
We will deliver an end-to-end solution that will be fully integrated into your product.  Periodical progress discussions and communication will keep the development moving forward and help bypass emerging errors. But this may not be the end of our journey.


Beginning of a journey
Congratulations, your data-driven product is alive! However, this success may not be an endpoint but rather a launching pad. We can help you identify new opportunities, pivot and validate new ideas, improve the existing solution, and help you to grow into a company of the future.


We have the Right Ingredients

Let’s see our data science recipe