KRISTÍNA GALÁŽOVÁ s úsměvem na tváři drží cupcake na jedné dlaní a druhou ruku má roztáhlou, jako by cupcake prezentovala. Má na sobě černý rolák a černé tričko s nápisem "SCICAKE".

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Digital health


Design of innovative digital biomarkers, digital signal processing, explainable data science, and software development in multiple fundamental and applied biomedical research projects.

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Object Detection And Machine Learning Infrastructure

Research and development of accurate object detection models from aerial image data and complete design and development of machine learning infrastructure.

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Machine Learning In Space Application

Consulting and management of the project focusing on FPGA-based hardware-accelerated quantized convolutional neural network for satellite onboard cloud coverage classification.

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Artificial Intelligence For Saas Application

Design and development of the analytical backend of the SaaS application using the latest AI techniques leveraging large language models and natural language processing in general.

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Django Development

Design, development, and maintenance of the Django-based Python backend of the Docspoint application used for effective and automated accounting digitization.

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Machine Learning in Esports

Research and development of a tailored recommender system for esports platform leveraging advanced in-game data analytics, collaborative filtering, and artificial intelligence.

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AI-Supported Diagnosis and Therapy of Dysarthria

Grant (n. 202309) for innovative startups in the South Moravian region, focusing on developing a modern system for objective diagnosis and individualized therapy of dysarthria. It runs from February to July 2023, providing substantial financial support totaling €32,000.

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